Muse tickets on sale

After headlining the Big Day Out in January, Muse return to Australia for some super massive arena shows in December.

The band promises to pull out all the stops for their biggest ever tour of Australia to ensure these are the band’s most spectacular shows ever.

Some tickets were released through a Muse fan club pre-sale on Friday, with hordes of Muse fans scrambling to grab the rest of the tickets which go on sale on sale this morning at 9am through Ticketek.

FasterLouder presents Muse on tour in December:

Sunday 5th December – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Thursday 9th December – Acer Arena, Sydney
Tuesday 14th December – Rod Laver Arena, December
Sunday 19th December – Bassendean Oval, Perth


  • Hinee on the 6th Jun, 2010

    Went on for shits and giggles, 15mins in and brisbane GA is gone. Nice

  • mattchew on the 6th Jun, 2010

    2nd shows added for sydney and melb

  • matchoo87 on the 7th Jun, 2010

    chances of a 2nd brissie show?

  • rodismdotcom on the 7th Jun, 2010

    Still no Adelaide. Farken.

  • matchoo87 on the 7th Jun, 2010

    2nd brissie show announced for monday 6th, why not saturday??

  • shazie on the 7th Jun, 2010

    You'd think they'd be able to do at least one show in Adelaide. Expecially with the huge gaps between shows.

  • Alexphotosite on the 7th Jun, 2010

    Section 6 - Row PP - I do a PP on ticket prices!

  • heldavo on the 7th Jun, 2010

    only want to go if i get floor tickets. missed the first two, banking on a third. they haven't made the "this is the final date to be released" announcement yet have they? and saturday the 11th is looking pretty free for sydney... ?

  • Alexphotosite on the 7th Jun, 2010

    Unless you're really tall I wouldn't go for the standing. I got Section 6 seated tickets which is directly opposite the stage, just behind the standing section and am stoked as I will be able to hear and see everything! They'll be up on those columns all night so if you're standing you'll probably do your neck in from looking up so much! This is what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPE9uSFFxrI This is the seating plan and by the looks of it there will be the EXACT SAME stage orientation as can be seen in the Resistance live video ^^ http://www.acerarena.com.au/images/events/seatingPlans/Muse-Seating-Plan.gif

  • Copernicus on the 7th Jun, 2010

    pretty sure they get off their high horses after 4 songs (hmm wait a minute..) I got good seats for the first show, but I want to be in GA, so will hope for a 3rd show.

  • heldavo on the 7th Jun, 2010

    yeah, call me stupid, but i just feel like i'm missing out if i'm sitting down. especially if it's at the stadium/ent-cent. the more uncomfortable i am and the less i can see, the more i get out of the gig... ok that actually is really stupid.

  • Alexphotosite on the 7th Jun, 2010